Gran Premio d’Italia- MUGELLO -6 (GARA) PRESS

“Marcos Ramirez (Platinum Bay Real Estate) in eighth in another solid showing of form for the Spaniard.”
” Darryn Binder (Platinum Bay Real Estate) completing the fastest fifteen.”

“Al 4° posto c’è Darryn Binder, autore di un’ottima gara e che, con il casco replica di Nicky Hayden, ci teneva a fare una buona performance in ricordo del pilota statunitense.”
“Completano la Top 10 Marcos Ramirez (9°)…”

“Some stunning overtakes around the rest of the lap made for a signature Moto3™ spectacle, with riders going eight or nine abreast into Turn 1 and the fight through the field one of the best displays of Grand Prix racing in the lightweight class seen this year, this decade – or possibly even this century.”

“Darryn Binder, con la 4° posizione, eguaglia il suo miglior risultato, ottenuto nel 2016 in Australia.”

“Darryn Binder also had a short spell at the front before finishing fourth for Platinum Bay Real Estate as did Aron Canet on his way to fifth for Estrella Galicia. ”
“Rookie Ayumu Sasaki fought his way to the front before crossing the line an excellent eighth for the SIC Racing team at home, just ahead of Marcos Ramirez, who had run in the top three for much of the race before being out-run in the drag to the line for Platinum Bay Real Estate. ”

Moto3 Mugello Gara Andrea Migno vince la lotta a 21 (!) per la vittoria

“Dopo 20 giri tiratissimi sono mancati invece attesi protagonisti come il capo-classifica Joan Mir, settimo confermandosi leader del mondiale, preceduto sul traguardo anche da Darryn Binder (4° con la KTM World Wide Race e con il casco ‘replica’ di Nicky Hayden)”

“The 100th Grand Prix race for solo motorcycles to be held at Mugello was always going to be a chaotic slipstreaming affair – so a trademark Moto3 race. The plot was complicated by cooler and more overcast conditions than expected and with some nine riders challenging into turn one every lap, it was a miracle that there was no crash amongst the contenders – other than the occasional aggressive nudge.”
“Darryn Binder achieved yet another great result for the Platinum Bay team with (yet another) fourth place”


2017 MotoGP Results from Mugello









“Shuffle the pack, do it again a few times, and then pick a card. That’s not far from how the results of the first race of the day were decided.”
“In fact, the first 19 were still technically in the lead group at the end, covered by just 2.3 seconds.”
“…and Darryn Binder (Platinum Bay KTM) denied a first podium by two tenths.”
“Binder’s team-mate Ramirez, another erstwhile leader, and Bulega completed the top ten.”

“S’il manque l’estrade d’un souffle, Darryn Binder (4ème) égale lui sa meilleure performance, tandis qu’Aron Canet complète le top-5”
“Les jeunes Marcos Ramirez et Nicolo Bulega ferment la marche du top-10..”